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2020 SPEAKER PREVIEW: Political Trends and Economic Forecast

How can political tactics shape the marketing story you tell potential clients and team members to drive future business? Phillip Stutts, who leads both a political media firm and a corporate marketing agency, will share compelling insights and data to help salon and spa execs plan ahead and take action. Stutts is a closing day keynoter on Tuesday, May 5, at ISBN’s “Shaping Your Modern Tribe” Conference. Check out this exclusive ISBN Speakers Preview Series Q&A.

ISBN: How do political tactics impact salon business?

STUTTS: We live in a digital world where everyone is glued to their device 24/7. Most marketers will tell you to go where the eyeballs are – digital! I will tell you it’s not all about the digital platforms, it’s about the emotional connection. Politicians win elections because they know how to build deep emotional connections with voters.

Your marketing must earn trust, you can’t demand it. We’ll explore how you can use your own customer data more effectively to build authentic relationships in your marketing.

ISBN: What are key questions you encourage Conference attendees and salon/spa executive to consider before and during your session?

STUTTS: Five questions every business leader should ask themselves are:

  1. Is the foundation of your marketing based on a deep understanding and analysis of customer data?
  2. Do you truly know how your current customers think or feel (beyond anecdotal conversations)?
  3. Do you know how your customers consume media (traditional and digital)?
  4. Do you know how/why they make purchasing decisions?
  5. If these aren’t the starting points for your marketing campaign, why not?

ISBN: How can salon/spa execs plan for the future?

STUTTS: The political industry (and our approach to marketing candidates) is disrupted every two years. Elections force constant innovation. It’s a win or die world.

Similarly, every industry will be disrupted in the next 5-10 years, including salons and spas. I often ask my corporate clients a simple question: “If your business could have one superpower, what would it be?”

If you were to flip that question on me and ask, “What superpower would I like to deliver for my corporate clients (so they can convert more customers)?” The answer is simple – “marketing intelligence,” using customer data (like we use data to understand what voters care about) to tailor your sales and marketing efforts based on the customer’s wants, desires and needs.

ISBN: ISBN members are hungry for data. What’s one specific stat you can you share now that you will address during your session?

STUTTS: According to the Lead Generation Trend Report, 42% of marketers think the lack of quality data is their largest obstacle when it comes to implementing successful lead generation campaigns.

ISBN: What is the most valuable takeaway you’ll deliver for ISBN Conference attendees?

STUTTS: I’m going to walk through our 5-step marketing formula we’ve mastered in politics and explain how to use it to drive growth in their businesses.

ISBN: Anything you encourage salon/spa leaders to do before coming to your session?

STUTTS: I wrote a best-selling book, “Fire Them Now – The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell and the Truth About Political Strategies That Help Businesses Win.” If you can’t read it before, here are two tips:

  1. It’s your business, don’t let the marketer win before you grow your bottom line. Demand that your marketing agency have month-to-month contracts. The onus is on them to succeed for you before their big pay-day. Never lock into a long-term contract until they prove it.
  2. Demand your marketing agency have a money-back guarantee. If they balk, that should tell you how they view your success.

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