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2022 Membership Dues

This past October, the ISBN Board of Trustees held a milestone meeting — our first in-person meeting of the board in almost two years — and the energy and excitement was palpable! It was wonderful to be together to envision the future of our organization.

If there is a positive to having lived through the COVID pandemic, it is how it helped us clarify the identity of ISBN. In discussions at the meeting, board members agreed that our strength is two-fold: networking and our annual conference. 

We are a doggedly tenacious group, always looking for ways we can best serve our constituents, and we will need to be even more so going into 2022. To achieve that focus, the Board of Trustees voted to reduce and simplify our fee structure, which resulted in the decision to reduce our membership dues.

Our prior structure was tiered and somewhat complex. The new fee structure, effective January 2022, will be the same for everyone: $150 annually. This new approach supports the direction of the organization and our desire to grow while remaining laser focused on our objectives and the value we offer our members.

Feel free to share this great news with any multi-location salons and spas who haven’t yet joined our network and encourage them to join ISBN. For everyone in the beauty and spa trades, ISBN is the best networking association, especially in how we mentor and assist newcomers. We will remain a welcoming and value driven professional community for businesses that are focused on growth and innovation.

Thank you for your continued dedication to ISBN. Watch for future announcements and information on our 2022 conference — sure to be the largest comeback event in the industry!

Most Sincerely,

Scott Missad


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