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3 Tips on Getting Your Team Supporting Your Marketing Events


When it comes to running successful charity marketing events for your business, there’s only one rule that’s worth following: nothing works unless your salon team is behind it.

But how do you ensure that your team fully supports the cause, especially when it may also require some extra work outside of regular working hours?

I’ve got three excellent tips to help you get your staff behind you and fully invested in your event.

1.Get Excited, Spread Enthusiasm, But Don’t Drown Them In The Hype

Your team looks to you, the owner, for inspiration and leadership – so if you’re excited about the project then they probably will be too. It’s up to you to get them enthused about the project, but be careful with the hype. If you try to oversell the event, and how important it is, your staff might well get the idea that it’s “too much work” and slowly turn against the whole thing. You need them to be eager to help and not resent the extra work.

It’s a bit like a sales pitch – do enough to get them interested, but don’t scare them off!

2.Make Your Staff Feel Involved

If you want your staff to buy into your event, then you have to involve them. It’s important that they want the project to succeed just as much as you do. You have to involve them in the process so that they feel a sense of ownership over their role in the project. If they feel that “ownership” they’ll give the event everything they have.

One good way to get the staff involved is to canvas them for ideas. Everyone loves to be consulted, and once their own ideas are in the mix it becomes more personal for them.

3.Match Their Skills To The Role You Assign Them

It’s tempting to populate your event planning board with your staff but I’ve often found that to be a well-intentioned mistake. You might think that it would make your team feel more important but, in most cases, I’ve found that the opposite is true. My staff wanted to be on the frontlines rather than taking endless planning meetings. Those meetings only added to the stress and reduced their enthusiasm!

Your staff will likely want to be where their skills will be most useful. When you back them to use their own key skills to help the event, you instill a huge vote of confidence in their abilities. Plus, if the community sees them in their roles at your marketing/charity event, it’ll be an excellent opportunity to showcase their skills and help attract new clients.

These easy steps will go a long way to getting your team (and their valued skills) on board to give back to the community and help promote the business. Your staff, and their passion for your business and the event, is what will make it a massive success.

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