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7 Tips on Busting It with Bundles

Peninsula Beauty is all about retail. We have salons in our stores, but it’s the product sales that drive the business and so bundling has always been a major part of the business for us. We of course carry manufacturers’ pre-packed gift sets at key times of the year, but for us bundling up other products can also have a real impact on spend. Whether it is to create a gift that could bring in a new client or an opportunity to upsell to an existing client, we are ready to bundle any time.

Tip 1: Be Flexible

A few years ago, we recognized that clients looking for a gift preferred choosing individual products rather than just buying kits, so we introduced gift bags and nice tissue for wrapping. We have three sizes and we charge $2 for each. They can then fill them with items from across the brands we carry.

Tip 2: Be Helpful

Our team is alert to any opportunity for upselling and trained to recognize openings where they can advise shoppers on additional products that would best suit the individual. They are all fully versed in the range of products available and can be very specific with advice.

Tip 3: Be Ambitious

We avoid the hard sell, but we are not averse to mentioning those high-ticket products like straighteners during the conversation. Why not? Even if the shopper rejects them, she might come back later to buy them for herself.

Tip 4: Keep the Team Updated

Education is key because a well-informed assistant doesn’t just exude confidence and knowledge, she will also direct the shopper to the best products with the individual in mind – which in turn keeps the shopper happy and encourages them to return again and again. We have advocates in each store for each of the brands we carry and they are brought together for training, plus our managers meet fortnightly for updates, which they then share with their team.

Tip 5: Reward Good Behavior

Our loyalty scheme gives those who sign up access to weekly and monthly bundles. Whether it is a BOGOF or a second at half price, we keep up a stream of added-value offers to our clients, but only if they’ve joined our scheme. This is a major part of our strategy constantly to encourage clients to sample other brands and products.

Tip 6: Bounce Back with Vouchers

We reward high-spend clients with birthday gifts and bounce back vouchers, which drive them to products they haven’t yet sampled. It creates goodwill, as well as good retail opportunities.

Tip 7: Take Away the Scary

Sometimes a product just isn’t right for a person, but we can’t know that until they try it. So to get over the obstacle we have a return policy where a shopper can return a product if it isn’t right and we give them a credit. All returned products are then shipped out to homeless shelters or women’s centers so our team and clients can feel good about being part of the Peninsula family.

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