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Apple Stores Continue to Out-Pace Other Retail Experiences

I’d be willing to bet you own at least one Apple product. If you don’t, you want to. Apple has become a technology powerhouse, impacting the tech addicted as well as technophobe in a diverse range of activities from computers to phones and even television. Advocates of the brand get a little bit giddy when they get the opportunity to step inside an Apple Store to experience the latest and greatest from their favorite company.

Aside from the love affair with their products, a lot of respect and admiration has been given to the company’s retail policies including trailblazing the mobile checkout experience, in-store tech support as well as outselling most US retailers in revenue per square foot. If you’ve noticed, that’s quite a feat considering the size of most stores and their clean, uncluttered aesthetic. There’s certainly something about their approach to the retail experience that drives purchases. Even if their employment policies have received less than favorable reviews recently.

Apple Stores

What is your no-fail secret to selling retail?

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