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Insight in the Millennial Mindset

Every young person entering our industry brings a set of challenges unique to them and their generation. But more recently, the post-Millennial generation has perhaps posed a greater challenge to employers and managers. As we discussed at our conference breakout session on the stylist mindset, the seismic shift in the …

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Change the Way You Look at Things

It is interesting how our memories can deceive us. At this year’s conference, I chaired a fascinating masterminds session on understanding the mindset of Millennials and post-Millennial generations. Compared to those who came before, they fare badly. Apparently, pre-Millennials had the work ethic – willing to put in 12 to …

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Mindfulness: Placed at the Heart of Leadership

Yoga has been a part of my life for years. My practice has enabled me to live a balanced, healthy life and has given me the opportunity to incorporate mindfulness into my lifestyle both as an individual and as a business leader. I’ve witnessed how being present and mindful has …