Members of ISBN enjoy many benefits – collective learning, sharing and growing. As the largest group of salons, members also reap the rewards of collective negotiating power.

It’s more than discounts, it’s value that really drives your business forward.

Benefits of Joining ISBN

Joining ISBN is like finally discovering your peers in the industry. The membership offers you a unique set of comrades that are all interested in a higher level of value. ISBN provides multi-location leaders:

  • Special Data Reports – each quarter members receive data on the industry, focused on key topics that drive your business.
  • Conference Admission Rates – member companies gain access to conference at reduced rates.
  • Access to VIP events – members are invited to industry workshops, hosted on site at member facilities so you can see behind the curtains of the operations at other multi-location businesses.
  • Mentorship Programs – looking to grow and scale? Qualifying members can join a program that is designed to help you in your growth trajectory.

Joining ISBN is like lifting the veil of senior level information on growing your business.

Chatters Canada CEO Grew from $15 million to $160 million in the 15 years of being part of ISBN.

It’s hard to list the benefits of joining ISBN. Members report learning invaluable business lessons that have grown their business here. Members report discovering new revenue streams here. Members also report finding a support network of industry leaders that have helped them in times of trial and celebrated their successes all at the same time. It’s all in their stories of growth. If you want to join a group of like-minded multi-site leaders, you will find your peer group here.

Special Data Reports

ISBN Members receive quarterly data downloads with proprietary information and statistics from the network itself as well as its partners in the industry. These reports are full of raw information as well as summations and interpretations from fellow executives in the industry. One of the pillars of ISBN, data is a key benefit for the owners and leaders of the multi-location enterprises in the industry. Access available in the ISBN forum.