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Bringing a Big Name on Board

The cult of celebrity helps supercharge the beauty industry. The flurry of media attention when a supermodel cuts off all her hair or a film star embraces a dramatic color change has us clapping our hands in anticipation. We know it will have guests tripping over themselves to get into our salons for something similar.

Within the industry, celebrity stylists also have an impact, directly influencing trends and introducing new techniques. We all look at what the top people are creating for the runways and editorials, and immediately consider how we can transfer it to the salon. Their genius inspires our people, nurturing their motivation and creativity.

Early in 2017 we decided to embrace that celebrity culture by recruiting the incredible Rodney Cutler as artistic director for Ratner Companies, across our three brands: Hair Cuttery, Bubbles and Salon Cielo. Amazingly talented and a major player on the Fashion Week circuit, he now leads development of key trends and the education team that will bring those trends to life. Our associates across our nearly 1,000 locations are ecstatic.

When he was appointed, Ratner president and COO Phil Horvath said: ‘[Rodney’s] passion, artistry and noted ability to cultivate and shape today’s foremost trends in hair will align perfectly with Ratner’s continued brand evolution. Rodney will play a pivotal role in the ongoing creative elevation of our salon professionals and the expansion of our presence in the beauty and fashion industries.’
And so he has. Being associated with such a wonderfully talented person links Ratner directly with the fashion world, using social media and PR to put our name in front of key influencers and leveraging an international credibility. That means more guests streaming through our doors.

His trend collections of gorgeous images inspire guests and associates alike. He leads our education, training the educators to teach his collection, supported by an immense library of training collateral he shoots and films for us. Next year there are plans to take him on a road show tour, visiting our regional training centers so that our associates can meet and learn from him.

The relationship has huge benefits. Someone as respected and talented as Rodney Cutler would not lend his name to any company unless he truly esteemed it, and so his joining us has sent a clear message, not just to existing and potential guests, but also to other stylists and service providers, that Ratner is a leader in the industry. It is the ultimate recruitment tool, keeping the best people enthused and on board, and helping to attract more great people. Ultimately, Rodney has helped create a little bit of the cult of the celebrity around the Ratner brands.

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