20 Years of Inclusive Culture at V’s Barbershops: One-on-One with Jim Valenzuela

ISBN: 20 years of V’s Barbershop growth—how does that feel? Valenzuela: It’s been like a blink of an eye that took a long time. Opening the first V’s was a pretty big leap, because I’m not a barber. I had been in physician’s management, so I was used to regulation …

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ISBN Members Learn from Each Other’s Successes—and Mistakes

Birds Barbershop Co-Founder Jayson Rapaport says one of the most valuable benefits of belonging to ISBN and attending the annual ISBN Conference is that multi-unit members not only share business insights and data on success, they also openly discuss lessons learned from past mistakes, along with practical tips and advice …



Attend the ISBN Conference to get the inside edge JCPenney Salon Vice President Rachel Jud says she was so determined to attend ISBN’s annual Conference early in her career, she basically talked her way in, and has been participating ever since. Find out what happened next, and why access is …

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Where do you get your BIG IDEAS?

In the final hours of this year’s conference in Bonita Springs, a new concept was launched. Delegates streamed into the auditorium to be bombarded by BIG IDEAS – innovative concepts that had worked and had measurable impact for other members. It was like speed-dating but rather than cozying up on …


Would you do anything to avoid litigation?

Great Clips, Inc. will do anything within reason to avoid litigation. However, if all other efforts to resolve a dispute are exhausted and litigation becomes the only option, Great Clips’ strategy is to win. In the company’s 37-year history, it has litigated with franchisees just nine times and has been …


Business from the Heart: How Charity Helps Everyone

A business that actively supports charitable organizations gets payback way beyond any funds raised or time given. It creates customer goodwill, engagement and loyalty. But to consider it simply a PR exercise to make the company look good to customers, and possibly the press, means missing out on the true …

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Incentives that Dare Stylists to be Fabulous, too

The most valuable asset in our salon, like every other salon or spa in the US, is our team. To ensure progressive growth and consistent performance at Salon Jaylee, we restructured our incentives program. Over the 15-year course of our incentives program, we have offered a variety of benefits to …

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Is Your Leadership a Thermometer or a Thermostat?

The success of any salon is absolutely predicated on the role played by the manager and their abilities to lead, as well as their attitude towards leading. We all know this. As managers, it may be easy to tell others what to do, but it’s rarely the most effective way …


Moving Boldly to Reinvent a 50 Year-Old Brand

PENZONE Salon + Spa. It’s safe to say that our new concept salon has been a key focus for us. Our new salon opened on May 9, 2018 and every element of the concept, the guest experience, and our communication was intentional. Before we get into the specifics, view a …

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Getting the Right People is Only the Beginning

Possibly the greatest challenge facing the industry is the recruitment and retention of staff. But for some companies, such as Design 1 Salon Spa in Michigan, it is less of a problem. Next Generation council member Graham Walt, Director of Salon Development & Education of Design 1, shares what he …