Mobile Advertising

As the owner of a multi-salon chain, you may have a hard time figuring out how to target prospective new clients to come into your many varying salon locations. Is it really viable for you to take out ads in local magazines or newspapers, or on the radio? Working on …

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3 Tips on Getting Your Team Supporting Your Marketing Events

  When it comes to running successful charity marketing events for your business, there’s only one rule that’s worth following: nothing works unless your salon team is behind it. But how do you ensure that your team fully supports the cause, especially when it may also require some extra work …


The Charitable Wedding Planner

A few years ago, one of my stylists came to me with an idea – why not run a charitable event to give back to the local community? At first I thought that it would be too much work, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed …


Motivate Your Teams

Great teamwork can be one of the most important contributors to salon success. On a chaotic salon floor, working as team will ensure that things run smoothly and efficiently – whatever the issues at hand. But in order to have your team working on full-speed and to the best of …



Hairdressing has always gone hand in hand with support for charitable causes. And that’s no surprise– hairdressers are professional communicators. They have to be good at listening to people, which makes them very empathetic. And they like to make people look and feel better. In short, hairdressers are connected to …


Flipping a Market Entry Threat to Growth Opportunity

I wasn’t long into my tenure at the 10-location-strong Gene Juarez group when I recognized a potential threat developing. A new breed of spa industry companies was beginning to offer memberships rather than simple per-service charges. Although still relatively new, this model was gaining traction, drawing in clients to their …

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3 Ways to Use Reverse Psychology in Salon Sales

There’s an old adage in the sales business that goes something along the lines of ‘if you can convince a surly kid to do something they don’t wanna do with a smile on their face, you’re already a better salesmen than half of Madison Avenue’. As a parent of a …

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The Modern Grapevine

The advent of the internet, then social media, has forged an intelligent beauty consumer—one who is on top of the latest trends, who researches product ingredients herself, and who always has an eye out for a value-added service or product. For salons like Hello Gorgeous! with five locations in South …

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Company Culture Powers Elle Marie Hair Studio

Elle Marie Hair Studio opened its first salon 9 years ago in the Pacific Northwest after attending Summit Salon Business College—which gave them a firm foundation from Day 1. Now, with three full-service salons and plans for the fourth, the family-owned and operated company is providing a culture that values …


Are Loyalty Programs Just a Discount?

Customer retention is integral to the long-term success and sustainability of businesses in the salon and spa industry. As is customer frequency. In fact, a study by The Loyalty Effect indicated that building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit per customer of between 25% …