Why #AmazonFail Could Be a #WalmartWin

Whether you think Amazon is the worst thing to happen to the retail industry or you believe your $100 membership fee is the best investment you’ve ever made, it’s no debate that Amazon is a powerhouse retailer. A company that has made it’s billions from knowing the science of online …


Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are often times considered an unreachable cohort. With so many theories and opinions about this group it is often difficult to figure out how to effectively connect, engage and interact with this digitally native generation. Millennials are those born between 1977-2000 and current make up 25 percent of the …

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Snapchat Management

As the director of technical and business development for Zano Salons, Sara Aikens’ biggest challenge is communicating a consistent message to employees at the salon’s four locations surrounding Naperville, Illinois. With 150 employees to motivate, manage and support, Aikens knows the best way to communicate with each one is through …


Mobile Showrooming – Friend or Foe?

While the industry has been grappling with how to curb cell phone usage on the salon floor, they may have ignored the growing trend of mobile shopping. In a blended service/retail model, it makes sense that more attention was placed on how mobile phones were affecting the service, however it …