If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: Why eCommerce is an Opportunity.

Ten years ago, just when the industry was making real headway with retail, the arrival of online shops didn’t sound any alarm bells. Five per cent a year lost to Amazon and others wasn’t such a big deal. But a decade later, the stats show that online retail sales are …


RIP 2016

2016 is one of those years that will stand out in history. We elected a president who many said was unelectable after an election that seems to have divided the country. We also said goodbye to some of the greatest heroes of our time. RIP Leonard Cohen, Prince and David …


Small to Big – Scaling Up Your Business

Chairing the session at the ISBN conference on how to develop the infrastructure for growth was a fascinating experience. The ISBN membership is rich with expertise in this area. What is well understood is that taking a successful salon and assuming it can be simply transposed to a new location …


The Benefits of Thinking Ahead in Business

In just 20 years my father, Gordon Logan, built an empire, from the first Sports Clips salon in 1993 to 1,500 in 2016, spread across every state in America. But opening new locations at such a rate, for the past few years reaching 160 per year, has its dangers. What …

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What’s Working in Salon Education

Our industry is in the middle of a revolution that requires a major mindset change to survive. Millennials and those growing up in the post-technical world are driving this revolt. Completely at home with every communication platform, innately confident and with high expectations, they are impatient with tradition and the …

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Are Your Stylists Hitting the Road?

It’s been building up popularity for years now, but some states have denied the consumer driven trend of mobile hairdressing based on flimsy rules around licensing in their states. As of last month, the State of Massachusetts knocked down previous barriers to mobile hairdressing, allowing licensed barbers, cosmetologists, hairdressers, manicurists, …

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5 Top Tips that Guarantee Consistency Across Locations

Tip 1: Maintain one source of truth Don’t let misinformation or confusions affect the quality of service you offer. Make sure every aspect of your operating procedures and systems is well-documented and available to all staff. If you put your faith in spoken instructions, inaccuracies will definitely creep in and …


Ergonomics in Your Salon

It might be less physical than construction or less perilous than firefighting but hairdressing comes with its own set of physical challenges. Various research into occupational injuries shows that as many as 70 per cent of stylists suffer chronic pain during their career, with some forced to abandon a career …


The Key to Successful Marketing

You’d find it hard when chatting with people in Canada to find anyone who doesn’t know the country’s biggest hair group, Chatters. In the past 27 years it has grown from one salon to over 100 and stretches from the Atlantic across to the Pacific. Its success can be sourced …

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Coaching Technophobes

The modern world is filled with technology. From our phones, to sat navs, to tablets, and the internet – it’s inescapable. Almost. For a technophobe, not only is technology eminently escapable – it’s something they completely wish to avoid. This might work fine in their personal lives, but it doesn’t …