Are Loyalty Programs Just a Discount?

Customer retention is integral to the long-term success and sustainability of businesses in the salon and spa industry. As is customer frequency. In fact, a study by The Loyalty Effect indicated that building loyalty with 5% more customers would lead to an increased average profit per customer of between 25% …


Credit Card Fraud: How To Protect Your Business

If you thought it was hard work protecting your own details from scammers, you’ve seen nothing yet. The new EMV regulation this year makes you responsible for protecting your customer’s data too! Nerve wracking, right? If your palms are sweating at the thought of all the extra responsibility, take solace …


Why #AmazonFail Could Be a #WalmartWin

Whether you think Amazon is the worst thing to happen to the retail industry or you believe your $100 membership fee is the best investment you’ve ever made, it’s no debate that Amazon is a powerhouse retailer. A company that has made it’s billions from knowing the science of online …

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5 Guidelines for Handling Complaints

In a world where client retaliation is instant and detrimental to your business, the importance of perfectly handling complaints is at an all-time high. The likelihood that your managers know how to handle a complaint is probably fairly high. But how about the teams on the front-lines? Pass along these …

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Tips for Creating a Healthy Workplace

Mental and physical health can significantly impact your employees’ performance at work. This is even more true for the hair and beauty industry, where your clients’ perception of your business is created primarily by the interaction between the client and the service provider. Investing in a healthy workplace is proven …

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Benefits of a Swinging Door

Many employers in the salon industry are finding value in developing a “swinging door.”  What is it?  The strategy or belief that if employees leave and return, it can create a positive experience for both the employee and the salon! Our industry has an incredible range of opportunities for cosmetologists/barbers. Let’s …


Getting Ready for EMV Infographic

Aside from those that love and live in the numbers, talking about merchant services and all that it entails is enough to make anyone cross-eyed. With the increase in credit card security breaches, however, it’s time to shake our heads and pay attention to the fine print. Starting October 1st …