Ergonomics in Your Salon

It might be less physical than construction or less perilous than firefighting but hairdressing comes with its own set of physical challenges. Various research into occupational injuries shows that as many as 70 per cent of stylists suffer chronic pain during their career, with some forced to abandon a career …


The Key to Successful Marketing

You’d find it hard when chatting with people in Canada to find anyone who doesn’t know the country’s biggest hair group, Chatters. In the past 27 years it has grown from one salon to over 100 and stretches from the Atlantic across to the Pacific. Its success can be sourced …

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Coaching Technophobes

The modern world is filled with technology. From our phones, to sat navs, to tablets, and the internet – it’s inescapable. Almost. For a technophobe, not only is technology eminently escapable – it’s something they completely wish to avoid. This might work fine in their personal lives, but it doesn’t …

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How to Future Proof Your Business

As the Philip Pelusi brand moves into its second half-century, it’s safe to say that we’ve been pretty successful in future-proofing our business. Philip opened his first salon in 1965 and built slowly, consolidating every step he took. When I joined in 1985, we were in a position to expand …

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How 5 Minutes Can Revitalize Your Day

What if I told you that just 5 minutes of breathing could give you as much of a boost during that mid afternoon slump as a cup of espresso? You’d probably think I was crazy and, a few years ago, you might have been right! But in 2016, many companies …


How Amazon is Driving Change in Consumers

Technology has made a profound impact on who we are as people, how we interact as society and what we expect from the companies we do business with. Big technology companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon has changed the way we attract, service and retain our clients. For better …


Laughter is Good for the Soul

In a business setting, laugher is proven to boost morale, increase loyalty, and diffuse tension. It helps to build strong interpersonal relationships within the workplace and to improve the work/life balance within your organization. When was the last time you had a soul deep, belly-clutching, tear-in-your-eye, possibly-a-little-snort kind of laugh …

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Supporting Peers

You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s not personal, it’s business” more times than you care to remember and each time you have likely cringed and wished that particular piece of jargon made it on the ‘do-not-say’ list for the year. In theory, it sounds like it makes sense, right? After …


The Charitable Wedding Planner

A few years ago, one of my stylists came to me with an idea – why not run a charitable event to give back to the local community? At first I thought that it would be too much work, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed …

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Finding Your Brand in the Detail

When your aim is to recreate something reminiscent of childhood, you have to get it right. It can’t just be a shadow of what passes for authenticity; a false version of reality. Patrons would feel cheated. Every detail must be considered, every service perfected so patrons recognize that it is …