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  • Retail 2020: Hot Spots and Digital Trends
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    Retail 2020: Hot Spots and Digital Trends

    Heading into a holiday season like none other, ISBN members and partners share retail solutions to help drive salon revenue into 2021. Where do beauty market leaders see potential bright spots for end-of-year sales? According to nationwide numbers released October 9 in the latest report from Kline Pro, a salon retail products and services database, […]

  • From a Distance: Lessons Since Reopening
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    From a Distance: Lessons Since Reopening

    In the months since reopening, what have ISBN member salons, spas and barber businesses learned in the course of going socially distant and adapting required protocols? What opportunities surfaced? Where have leaders found efficiencies or improvements? How did members accelerate digital and e-commerce initiatives? ISBN members recently shared insights. 2020 has been such a rough […]

  • IoT, AI, AGI, WTF
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    IoT, AI, AGI, WTF

    Taylor Romero has a dream of how technology is going to organize his time in the near future, and he shared that dream at this year’s conference. It goes something like this: his wife, Beccy, who co-owns Spruce Barbers with Taylor in Denver, Co, will get a notification from their Sprucebot saying: ‘I see the […]