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Government Relations Update

Gordon Logan, ISBN government relations advocate shared the latest information on government regulations impacting our industry in this webinar recap. Learn what ISBN is doing to support and protect your business. ISBN is part of the Professional Beauty Federation, which also puts on an annual event bringing key issues in …

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Gainful Employment Infographic

Gainful Employment has been hanging around, threatening to infiltrate the cosmetology schools in the US, for years now. Officially passed in November of 2014, it’s scheduled to take effect in 2015. If you’re new to this topic and not sure what it’s all about, have a look at this infographic …

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Gordon Logan Talks About a United Industry

In the January issue of Beauty Industry Report, Gordon Logan, ISBN’s immediate past president, sounds off on why the beauty industry must work together to uphold national standards and prevent de-regulation. Status quo won’t work for us any more Our industry has been regulated by the individual states for decades, …