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Dady Insurance Introduces EPLI

Dady Insurance offers a range of coverage for ISBN Members, including exclusive programs and discounts on a wide range of insurance packages covering Workers Comp, property, general liability, professional liability, loss of revenues and commercial autos. A hot topic right now is the new Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

Employment issues with disgruntled employees filing lawsuits or seeking EEOC hearings for employer claims of discrimination, harassment, hiring and firing practices, wage and hour disputes and sexual orientation claims have become so rampant in many states that in 2014, claims activity revealed you are 5 times more likely to have an employment practices insurance claim than any other type of claim. As a result, Employment Practices Liability Insurance is one of the most important coverages for salon businesses today.

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“EPLI is the big buzzword in insurance today, as these cases are growing exponentially, in part, due to the advent of social media,” explains David Dady, a senior producers] at Dady Insurance. “Here’s how it happens: A disgruntled employee starts posting complains about the company on social media. Then he or she gets an attorney. Those complaints are seen by former employees, who start thinking that they weren’t treated right either. The next thing you know, they’ve formed a class action lawsuit against the company. In a franchise situation, the franchisee is usually named in the lawsuit first, then inevitably, the franchisor gets named, as well, and the complaint escalates.”

Dady Insurance offers ISBN members a solution that includes not only insurance, but a service called HR Pilot that comes with the insurance you can use as an HR department. If you are going to fire someone tomorrow, you will call and speak with someone with a minimum of 10 years of law background in your specific state, who will tell you what to say and what not to say in the firing process. Additionally, the service offers webinars for you and managers on spotting workplace discrimination, violence or harassment—often before complaints even surface–as well as a toll- free number that company whistle blowers or disgruntled employees can call who want to complain but not to the boss. In addition, you receive workplace posters to help you fine tune or develop an employee handbook and really help keep you out of trouble, saving you time and money. Finally, it provides third-party employment practices coverage.

Dady Insurance has already developed customized programs for several of ISBN’s largest members, as well as Subway, McDonald’s and other companies, giving the program great economies of scale and attractive pricing that can’t be matched by local providers. The policies ensure that both franchisees and franchisors are protected. But whether you have 10,000 salons or 10, it is critical to doing business today.

Wage and hour coverages can be added to an EPLI policy. The EPLI policy is also a stand-alone product, so you can keep your local insurance agent for your other policies and buy this one only from Dady Insurance.

For a complimentary consultation to discuss how Dady Insurance can save you money and increase your peace of mind, contact David Dady at (512) 591-9201 or

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