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Employee Advocacy in the Tech Age

Too many brands and businesses are failing to utilize their biggest marketing asset – their employees. Are you?

The idea of employee advocacy has existed for years – back to when the world still thought a tweet was something a bird did. The term has enjoyed a resurgence recently to the point where it’s becoming one of the key components of every manager’s remit. Companies are scrambling to come up with an employee advocacy program that makes sense, but many of them fall into the trap of doing this without proper thought or consideration.

It’s come to the point where the savvy owner has to look at their employees in a different light. The rise and rise (and rise!) of social media has transformed the role of the employee from ‘turn up to get paid’ into being a brand ambassador for your business. The smart salon owner knows how vital it is recognize employees as marketing tools in both the online and off-line world. If you can empower your employees to maintain and cultivate the salons existing client base, while generating new clients and new money from their social media channels, everybody wins.

The Age of Social Media Advocacy

In simple terms, employee advocacy is the promotion of a company by its staff. In the days before the internet (yes, there was such a time) employees would be expected to promote their company to neighbors, friends, and family whenever the opportunity arose. It’s much the same today, except with the potential to reach a much wider audience. Your staff’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages are almost as valuable as a billboard ad and there’s no set shelf-life (for better or worse).

Social Exposure

More content is viewed from individuals than company brand pages, and that counts double for Facebook. Why? Facebook actively promotes friends content to the top of the timeline. In that case, if you think about it logically, your employees have a much bigger social media presence – and a much more effective one – than your salon probably does. Using it just makes sense.

Customers Trust Their Friends

Content Creators

Friends trust their friends and family – not a controversial statement, I know. In the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, 92% of customers stated that they trusted ‘earned media’ – which covers brands and products recommended by friends and family over any other. The Edelman Trust rating clearly shows that people will trust employee advocacy from their friends and family over any other form of advertising you could use.

That boost in consumer trust is absolutely crucial in attracting new business and keeping the business you have. Your service providers could be the single biggest advertising asset you have – and technology can super-charge their effectiveness.

How have you encouraged (or incentivized) your service providers to drive new salon traffic?

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