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Finding Self Starters

Recruiters are always on the hunt for self-starters to join their team. You need driven and goal orientated people with a strong work ethic to fuel your business, and these are the kind of qualities that you have to be on the look-out for as you skim through resumes. That’s the problem with resumes though, it can be difficult to read in between the lines and get a ‘feel’ for the person behind the qualifications. After assessing the skills, you can use the interview process to identifying those that are ready to move and shake.

So what does a self starter look like?

Self-starters are intrinsically motivated. They are leaders – not followers. They lead by example and work towards the success of the company, not just their own success. Self-starters are passionate, driven, and have a will to succeed. For a company to run successfully, without the need for micromanagement, it needs employees who can work on their own initiative with minimal guidance, but who will also work well as part of a team. A self-starter is the gym-goer without the personal trainer, they don’t need someone standing over them 24/7 in order to get their work done. They’re already motivated to get it done themselves. Self-starters will keep ahead of deadlines, quickly follow guidance, and also come up with their own forward thinking strategies for the company.

And how do you find them?

During the interview process, it’s essential to ask the right questions to identify this type of candidate. Here are a few ideas – add some of your suggestions below:

Problem Solving Skills

Effective problem solving is one of the key traits of a self-starter. They identify the issue, find a solution, and finish the task.

  • Ask the candidate for an example of a complex issue they encountered in the salon, and how they used their problem solving skills to tackle it successfully.
  • Ask how they would deal with a co-worker whose work wasn’t up to scratch.

Leadership Traits

  • Ask the interviewee how their former coworkers would describe their leadership style.
  • Ask how they motivate lethargic team members and boost salon morale during hectic periods. Ask for examples of their skillset as a ‘doer’ in managing a project from start to finish.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Self-starters will set targets for themselves and hold themselves accountable for achieving their goals.

  • Ask what excites the applicant most about new projects
  • Ask for an example of how the applicant overcame obstacles in the course of achieving their goals.

Professional Development

One definite sign of a self-starter is the desire to continuously self-improve and better themselves. They believe in lifelong learning and keeping ahead of industry trends.

  • Ask what the candidate has done to hone their skills over the course of their career
  • Ask about any professional or educational courses they took to boost their performance in the workplace

Let’s not forget that a self starter will have prepared for the interview and have questions of their own! Anyone that doesn’t counter back and inquire about key elements of the job may not be the recruit you are after.

Whilst going through the interview process, it’s also key to remember that experience doesn’t always trump personality. Sometimes, it’s better to hire the candidate with less experience and a desire to continually improve their skills – rather than a more experienced candidate who is much less energetic in that regard.

The world wasn’t built with self-starters alone, so remember it takes a whole assortment to make the salon hum, but if you are keen to find a candidate with a fire in their belly hone in on the intrinsic qualities you are after.

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