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Finding Your Brand in the Detail

When your aim is to recreate something reminiscent of childhood, you have to get it right. It can’t just be a shadow of what passes for authenticity; a false version of reality. Patrons would feel cheated. Every detail must be considered, every service perfected so patrons recognize that it is the real deal the minute they walk in to the shop. Our niche at V’s is the traditional barbershop vibe, steeped in a sense of nostalgia for days gone by, even if the patron has never experienced it personally before.

[row][column size=’1/2′][infobox title=’4 Signature Details’]

#1 – Turn the chair towards the inbound patron.
#2 – Apply the cape away from their face to avoid getting hair on the patron.
#3 – Change blade in front of patron.
#4 – Hand the patron the TV remote to put them in control.

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The design of every one of the 30 V’s Barbershops is carefully crafted to ensure the patron feels welcome, comfortable and at home. The décor is unashamedly masculine, with checkered tile flooring, racing green walls and lots of dark wood. The focus at each barber station is on the beautifully refurbished antique barber chair with its plush leather reupholstered seat and shiny chrome. The walls are full of iconic sporting imagery.

But it is not just the look that captures that authentic feel, we also focus on the way we treat our patrons. Our training is comprehensive. We don’t just focus on a great cut or amazing shave, it’s the little details that add up. It’s all about making the patron feel appreciated and valued.[/column]

We train our barbers so they invite the patron to the chair in a specific way; it’s turned towards him as he walks over so he doesn’t have to circle around it to sit down. They are taught to wash their hands first in front of the patron, then how to place a cape so they never cover the patron with hair. The blade in the razor is changed in front of the patron so he can see it is fresh with every use. When the patron is comfortable and ready to go, our barber will hand him the TV control so he is in charge of what’s on his individual TV screen above the station.

Attention is also given to those barber-to-patron conversations in our thorough education program – we even practice them and actively encourage the banter and buzz that is expected in a barbershop. At the end of every service, every patron, even the young ones, are given a shoulder and neck massage. And every haircut, except for the young, is followed with a straight-edge neck shave and a hot towel, inclusive, it’s not an upcharge. As the patron leaves, every barber is expected to shake the patron’s hand. Needless to say, in addition to these service details, the shops are spotless. The cleanliness of each store speaks to the care and pride invested in each one.

As we roll out our program of new location openings, every detail is instilled into our new teams. We want to position ourselves as a good old-fashioned barbershop company and we know the only way we can deliver that authentic experience is through deep care rooted in our exceptional team.

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