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Get involved on FICA tax legislation

For years, ISBN has worked tirelessly to obtain the same tax credit for FICA taxes that salons and spas pay on tips, a credit that the food and beverage industry has enjoyed since 1993. However, things are different now. For the first time, we are working closely with PBA and other associations in our industry, including spas, massage, and nails. We have a long list of influential supporters, including the Consumer Products Safety Council and the International Franchise Association. Additionally, we have bipartisan sponsors of Senate (S45) and House (HR45) bills, along with influential legislators supporting our efforts.

The PBA Issue Advocacy Fund has raised sufficient funds to engage the top tax lobbying firm in Washington to drive this effort. With the support of the industry, ISBN has authorized the establishment of a Political Action Committee (PAC) to fund this effort. For the first time, we have the resources to fully fund this initiative, which is unfortunately a necessity in Washington. Myra Reddy and Kati Rapoza are now devoting 90%+ of their time to getting this legislation enacted, compared to 10-15% previously. Frank, Rhoda, and myself are also on the newly-formed ISBN Government Affairs Committee to support the effort.

Regis has also rejoined ISBN largely due to their support of our tip tax credit effort. This shows that our years of effort have not been in vain. We have educated many more members of Congress about this bill, and we are in a much stronger position than ever before. It’s time for everyone in the industry to come together and support this effort.

Now is the time to get to know your US Representative and encourage them to sign on as a co-sponsor of our bills. Representatives are often back in their districts most weekends while in session, and they have a lot of recess time to be back home. Access to them is not difficult. Most representatives are eager to get to know their constituents and are constantly raising funds for their next election coming up in 2024. The maximum donation is $3,300 per cycle (one for primary, one for general election), but even smaller donations will earn their appreciation. As we receive more funding in the ISBN PAC, we can help say “thank you” to key legislators to encourage their support. Don’t be complacent – your involvement can make a difference for this legislation, which will pay dividends in the form of substantial tax credits for years to come.

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