An association as rich in history as ISBN has a few milestones along the way that touch many icons in our industry. We look forward to adding you to our list of influential and charismatic figures who shape the future of our industry.


International Chain Salon Association Founded

The association started with smaller, local, entrepreneurial chains operating in a single market. Only owners could participate in ICSA and the board and members brought their books and opened them to each other to discuss best practice in each market, allowing each member to bring those ideas and opportunities back to their own regions and build better, stronger businesses to support the industry. Conferences were 3-7 days at this stage and ICSA was managed out of the current president’s office by the president’s secretary.


ICSA driving force in government relations

During meeting in Sun Valley, Labor Secretary Robert Reich goes on the Today Show and says, “The only career I’d never let a child of mine pursue is cosmetology because there are no available jobs.” At that point, there was a severe stylist shortage with all ICSA members needing many stylists. Problem was Bureau of Labor Statistics did not show available jobs or realistic earnings because so much of the industry under the table. ICSA leads industry charge to work together.


ICSA leads the formation of the Professional Beauty Federation

Founded in 1999, the PBF represents the political interests of the $56+ billion Professional Salon Industry. Members, who own, work in and support the country’s 150,00+ salons and day spas, are committed to supporting legislation that is fair to our community and pro-actively influencing legislation that ensures fair and equitable treatment of our businesses and people.


ICSA Educates the IRS on Industry Issues

IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti addresses ISBN Conference in the Bahamas. Members educate him and his team about under-the-table workers, walkouts, booth rental, etc.


ICSA Co-Chairs Bans Booth Rental in PA.

ICSA government relations co-chairs Frank Schoeneman and Malcolm Bonawits
have legislation passed to make booth rental illegal in Pennsylvania. That legislation
is still in effect today. They urge other members to join their state boards and work on similar legislation.

First award presented to the late Paula Kent Meehan.


PBF Supports Tip Tax Credit Legislation

Worked with TSA and PBF to get the Tip Tax Credit legislation introduced in the House. ICSA hired a lobbyist to help increase its support.


Industry Vendors Included in Education

Bahamas conference invites sponsors to share business practices and help drive education at the annual conference forever shaping the culture at conference.


International Chain Salon University Launched

Launched ICSU (International Chain Salon University) to provide education to ICSU members’ teams (salon managers, marketers, etc.). We did one event in Columbus, Oh, hosted by the Charles Penzone organization.


Paula Malloy Elected First Female President of ICSA


Officially Changed Name to International SalonSpa Business Network

Along with this name change came changes to bylaws and membership requirements, allowing smaller groups to join to take advantage of the knowledge and networking that would allow them to grow.


Franchise Groups Become New Membership Group

Until 2011, franchise groups were not allowed to be members of ISBN as bylaws mandated ownership of salon or spa locations for membership. This opened the association up to new members that brought new perspectives on running multi-unit businesses.