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How do you attract top talent?

There are many recognized ways to recruit and retain talent. Paying well is up there near the top, of course, along with benefits such as medical. But there are a few other actions that we’ve found at Hairzoo can help attract the best and we’re curious about what works for you, too? Please add your top to the post so we can keep sharing.

  1. We run a refer-a-friend scheme for our team. If they persuade one of their friends to come join us, we pay them a bonus. This encourages our people to be our best recruiters. I reckon they do better than any professional agency could do.
  2. Working with schools helps build brand recognition among potential recruits even as they learn their craft. We go into our local schools to support the education programs they offer, delivering seminars in specialist areas. We also run education events for them.
  3. We offer certain jobs to students while they train. We’ve grabbed some of the best students before they qualify by bringing them on board as receptionists a day or two a week. This helps them financially while allowing them to develop additional skills. At the same time, we are able to introduce the benefits of Hair Zoo and indoctrinate them into our ways as they learn. We also include them in all our ongoing staff training. It takes the fear away so they are ready to go on the floor as soon as they graduate.
  4. Push advertising on social media has had a real impact on our recruitment. It is cost-effective, but still pretty powerful in getting our brand in front of potential Hair Zoo stylists. We focus on our key demographic within a set geographical area, as most of our salons are in high population density areas.
  5. We keep the door open to those who leave by holding an exit interview where we can voice gratitude for services rendered, show there are no ill-feelings and make it clear they are welcome back should they find the grass isn’t greener elsewhere.

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