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How to Future Proof Your Business

As the Philip Pelusi brand moves into its second half-century, it’s safe to say that we’ve been pretty successful in future-proofing our business. Philip opened his first salon in 1965 and built slowly, consolidating every step he took. When I joined in 1985, we were in a position to expand without risk, moving into the developing mall market and opening six more locations in our home town of Pittsburgh. By the end of the 1990s, we had 12 salons, more than 300 employees performing 400,000 services a year, a Philip Pelusi Education and Training Center and a range of Philip Pelusi consumer products.

Our legacy will be one of innovation, talent and perseverance. We haven’t reached an end point and thought, that’s great, we’ve done well. Our success is down to a proactive attitude that has never dipped. Complacency and inactivity will sound the death knell of any business.

Be innovative.

In 1972, Philip trademarked his unique cutting style, Volumetric, driving up standards in the industry. Next he launched his own products, years before other any other hairdressers. This hunger to keep on exploring and developing permeates throughout the brand and our team, ensuring everyone is excited to work at a Philip Pelusi salon. And the clients feel that.

Gain a loyal clientele

Once a client has had their hair cut using Philip’s Volumetric system, they are a client for life. But we ensure they receive the ultimate experience every time they visit. Good hairdressing combined with a superior salon experience creates loyal clients which safeguards your business.

Reward fairly

Our salons operate on a salary and bonus system and an advance program with pay increases; good holidays; decent staff areas; career progression; mutual respect; opportunities to fund-raise and to get out and work beyond the salon with top fashion designers across the country during numerous Fashion Weeks – particularly in New York and Chicago.

Never stop learning

Clients return if they believe they are being looked after by highly skilled individuals, and the only way to ensure that is to encourage ongoing learning for the whole team. Prioritize this and you’ll soon find that it’s not just the clients who are happy; education keeps stylists at the top of their game technically, but it also keeps them focused, motivated and happy in their work. We’ve been operating our SPACE education center since 1994, educating not just our team but other stylists. It sends a very positive message to Pelusi stylists – other people will pay for what they get every day. Why would they move to a competitor?

Evolve with confidence

In 2008, Philip recognized the move to organic and all things natural and so premiered Tela Beauty Organics, the industry’s first USDA-certified organic line of hair care products. It recalibrated and refreshed the Pelusi brand, ensuring we could never be accused of sitting still.

Identify potential leaders within your team

You need to delegate responsibility to key members of your team to develop their skills and experience, be it family or particularly talented individuals, and you need to start developing their skills beyond the chair and towards managing a team. They have to be readied to take over the reins so the transition is smooth. They need to understand every element of running your business and, the most important part, how to lead, motivate and inspire your team.

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