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ISBN Board elects new officers

The ISBN Board of Trustees recently elected new officers for 2023-2024 to lead the only association where business gets done by multi-unit salons, spas and barbershops. They include:

President—Edward Logan, CEO/President Sport Clips

Vice President—Emily Brown, Chief Operating Officer, V’s Barbershop

Vice President—Nick Stenson, Senior Vice President, Store & Services Operations, Ulta Beauty

Secretary—Rhoda Olsen, Vice Chair, Great Clips, Inc. Board of Directors 

Treasurer—Jayson Rapaport, Co-Founder, Birds Barbershop


Scott Missad will continue to serve as ISBN President through our 2023 Conference on April 23-25 in Coral Gables, FL. Logan will assume the role of President at the end of Conference.

“ISBN is working together to make meaningful changes in policy/government relations to build a stronger industry,” says Olsen, who leads government relations along with Frank Zona on behalf of ISBN. “One of our top priorities will be focused on tip tax legislation that would have a huge beneficial financial impact on salon’s financial health.”

If you or someone at your company is interested in serving your Association by joining an ISBN Committee, please contact Executive Director Jessica Iturralde at

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