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ISBN Shares Salon Reopening White Paper

Download NOW to Spread the Word: Promote Strength, Skill and Readiness of Licensed Professionals


[column size=’3/4′]The ISBN Board of Trustees has continued to meet and leverage the strength of the organization, sharing information, supporting one another and making an impact on the industry. On May 11, ISBN distributed an industry-wide White Paper emphasizing that salon, spa and barber businesses are well-prepared to reopen and serve consumers.

The White Paper is available for ISBN members and anyone in the professional beauty and barber community to download and share with any local or state decision makers and contacts. The following note from Great Clips Vice Chair and ISBN Government Relations Chair Rhoda Olsen was sent to members to explains the background and intent of this important and useful resource.[/column]

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At our May 7, 2020 Board meeting, an Industry White Paper was reviewed and discussed. It is attached for your review. The White Paper has been used individually to communicate to Governors’ offices, health departments and cosmetology and barber boards. It has been well received and has contributed to the recommendations/requirements that have been developed at the state level.

The broad position of the White Paper is to communicate our industry’s unique position and ability to reopen. It highlights the fact that all of our establishments and all hair professionals have been extensively trained and have deep experience in safety and disinfecting. It has been an important aspect of their jobs for decades. It is not new in a COVID-19 world for licensed professionals to have an intense focus and understanding of their personal health and safety and that of their customers.

Although many states are open, more than half are still unclear about the timeline for salons/barbershops/spas. It is our intent to provide meaningful information to assist them in making their decision and influence the recommendations. The Board agreed to send this White Paper to all of the states that are still awaiting opening dates.

We will also continue to work with those states to address concerns and provide input. We will promote the strength of skills of licensed professionals. We will be cooperative and collaborative to provide the most impact. There may be other state activity that may be helpful. We will continue to inform you of any of our activity.

We encourage you to share this White Paper with any legislative/health connections you may have. Please don’t hesitate to share it with anyone who may be involved in decision-making.

We are excited to be on the reopening path! As a group, we are committed to opening safely and complying will all requirements. We understand that this is a new environment and we are well positioned to implement any necessary changes.

Rhoda Olsen
Vice Chair, Great Clips, Inc.
ISBN Board of Trustees

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