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Laughter is Good for the Soul

In a business setting, laugher is proven to boost morale, increase loyalty, and diffuse tension. It helps to build strong interpersonal relationships within the workplace and to improve the work/life balance within your organization. When was the last time you had a soul deep, belly-clutching, tear-in-your-eye, possibly-a-little-snort kind of laugh with your team?

Be Authentic

People buy people, it’s a fact that brand marketers all to often forget. One of our latest videos proves that people want to see the real person behind big brands. Our 2015 blooper reel showed some of the leading, most successful leaders in the hair and beauty business messing up on camera. Yes, that’s right. Even CEO’s get tongue-tied!

Humanize Your Business

You can be self-aware, you can have fun, you can be real, in fact studies (and the general social media trend) shows that you should be! If customers feel that you’re an authentic business filled with genuine and authentic people, they’ll buy into the culture you’re creating. Like the title says, Laughter Is Good For The Soul – so if your business is built around a ‘no fuss’ ethos and isn’t afraid to be light-hearted, you’ll be well on the way to creating lifelong customers.

Luckily, organizations are now beginning to focus more and more on the well-being of their employees and on promoting a stress-free working environment. So why not take these steps to make sure that you’re one of them? Just remember, you set the tone in your business – so it’s up to you to lead your team with a smile.

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