The ISBN Board of Directors works together as a unit to carry out the duties, roles and responsibilities of the association. Each member has a vital role in driving the association forwarding, focusing on the strategy, mission and goals.

Many new board members are curious at what the time commitment looks like. Outlined here are the commitment and responsibilities of being a board member.

ISBN Board Term

The ISBN Board has two types of board members. The first is a regular board position, which has a term of three years. Each regular board member can serve up to four consecutive terms (see bylaws for details on this position). The second board seat is an affiliate, which is a non-voting seat with a one year term.


Nominate yourself or a fellow ISBN member for a board position. The person must be part of an organization that is currently an ISBN member.

Each board member is committed to:

  1. One annual board meeting to be held the day before conference begins. To support the additional travel costs, ISBN covers two hotel nights for every board member in attendance of this meeting.
  2. Attendance at the annual conference.
  3. Participating in the quarterly video conference calls which will be from two to three hours in duration.
  4. Committee calls that are planned in between to further industry initiatives.
  5. Advocating within the industry for expanding membership and increasing attendance of annual conference.

Annual Board Meeting

The annual board meeting happens once a year and will take place the day before the start of conference, scheduled a minimum of six months in advance.

Quarterly Calls

There will be a minimum of four video calls each year, at the head of each quarter.

Committee Calls

ISBN, like many non-profit associations, thrives on the volunteers of the association. The board members serve as the chairs of one or more committees, which pull from the membership to help facilitate the initiatives of the organization. There are several standing committees along with temporary committees to support a project.

Conference Participation

As an ISBN Board Member, you will have a higher profile and expectation during conference. Most Board Members will facilitate one or more sessions during conference, will be asked to mentor or host new members and will generally be considered ‘hosts’ of the conference. Because of this, every board member is granted two complimentary tickets to conference to compensate for these duties and to ensure their organization continues to absorb the benefits of the conference.

ISBN Board Member Benefits

Board positions are voluntary and to acknowledge the time and input provided to the association, ISBN compensates it’s Board Members with the above conference considerations (two hotel nights for the board meeting as well as two tickets to the event) as well as complimentary access to all ISBN events ($200-$1,000 value) and a complimentary FOUNDERS CARD membership ($500 value).