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What is the ISBN Linkup Forum?
The ISBN Linkup Forum is your online resource for everything a member needs. Quickly access, or contact, other members, ask questions to gather feedback or tap into the rich network at ISBN. All you need is an active membership at ISBN at your company and you’re in.

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The Linkup Forum is a members-only section, so you have to have an active membership at ISBN and you will have an account to login. To gain access to the forum, please contact the ISBN team. Not a member yet? It’s easy and quick to get your company into the fray, just complete the membership application, submit your annual association dues and add your company into the directory.
Who can get access?
Anyone working for a company with an active membership can join in the conversation. To check to see if your company is a member, you can check the membership directory. Don’t see your company? We’d love to have you as part of the network! Check that your company qualifies for membership first on our membership requirements page and then submit your application! Not a salon or spa group? Don’t distress, we have access levels for our valued partners as well called an affiliate membership.