ISBN has a unique membership group, with the top business minds in our industry as active participants. Our collective value is the biggest benefit to membership as members get access to a wealth of knowledge and opportunity available nowhere else.

Our members are a tight-knit group of industry leaders who have collectively developed our programs and benefits. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our group.

Become a Member

To be eligible for membership, you must own or operate 5 or more salons or spas and employ at least 50 licensed professionals; or own and operate 2 or more salons and spas that yield total gross sales of at least $3 million annually; or franchisors in the industry.

ISBN collects annual dues to support the organizations initiatives and is considered an umbrella membership, meaning once the company is a member all employees and/or franchisees also receive membership benefits.

Once an application is received, it must be approved by the board of trustees before being inducted into the network.

Membership Brochure

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