The one common theme in everything ISBN does, is share, inspire and exchange ideas with each other to empower the industry. This partnership of information, between members and partners, is expanding into a series of publications focused on the needs of multi-unit owners.

  1. The ONLY publication group exclusive to chains and franchises in the beauty space.
  2. Three different publications to select the right tone, context and interactivity.
  3. Collaborative and creative approach to achieving your goals.
  4. Industry partnerships that immerse your company in the right conversations.

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MUSE Media Kit

MUSE Magazine

Bi-annual magazine focused on multi-unit enterprises. The first issue will be released in time for Conference 2020 focusing on key topics and trends multi-location leaders are facing.

MUSE Data Report

A quarterly data-driven report that focuses on four key data categories important to the multi-location business:

  1. January 2020: COLOR Issue
  2. April 2020: Employment in Beauty
  3. July 2020: Retail Trends
  4. October 2020: Consumer Trends


MUSE Digital

Get interactive with a combination of email, social and web content, which drives awareness and rich story-telling while keeping your costs minimal with custom packages.