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Nail Services Could Be What You’re Bottom Line is Missing

Local nail salons have dominated the manicure and pedicure market for decades, providing an affordable, fast option to grooming for the time-poor woman (and man) looking for a quick yet luxurious service. But what if she had the option of a manicure while hair color develops or a quick shape and polish after a blow-out? Bolt-on nail services are becoming increasingly appealing to busy guests, while salon owners are recognizing the potential increased ticket sales. With a basic manicure starting at $20 and rising to $45-plus, and a whole range of fabulous nail products available to tempt the client further, it can be a real boost to the client’s self-esteem and an even bigger boost to the salon’s bottom line.

But bringing nails into a hair salon isn’t just about bolt-on services; it also helps build clientele and loyalty. It’s just a short step encouraging a drop-in nail client into booking in a hair service, and it makes sure that valuable existing client isn’t tempted away by a competitor that offers more. They exude luxury and enjoyment, positives that can only add your salon ambience.

Nails services are gorgeously neat – they don’t take up a huge amount of space or require a big investment. They are visual, rather than hidden away like a treatment room, making it easy to cross-promote in salon. It’s time they stopped being an overlooked opportunity by salons that don’t understand the value and level of services they bring.

The key to success is to follow a few golden rules:

  1. Start with an attractive service menu that is tiered: a quick polish change right up to a full luxury spa manicure with exfoliation, full limb massage, finishing with a warm-towel and perfect polish. Give the guest the same choice they’d get in a nail salon but in the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere of a full-service salon. Offering the high-end also makes the lower-price services appear more affordable and builds respect for your brand by association.
  2. Curate your color palette carefully, including the current top go-to-shades as well as the latest trends. You don’t have to offer a hundred shades, just the right shades.
  3. Choose an ambitious, goal-oriented nail professional. This choice of person is crucial to your success. If possible, look for someone with an existing loyal clientele and lots of followers on social media. And include her or him in your in-salon business training and any socials. Make sure she or he feels a part of the team.
  4. Adding nails gives currency for social media, enabling you to post images of fabulous manicures, guaranteeing variety on content and a key way to attract more followers. The more often you post, the bigger the engagement, and that will convert into sales.
  5. From social media to general communications, tucking in a cute nail bar will only work if it’s highly visual within the salon, supported by the entire staff, and included in all of your salon marketing. Consider introducing cross-promotions and loyalty rewards so you get your hair client to sample your nail service and vice versa.
  6. Location, location, location! Nail Professionals can be mobile, if needed, but designate an area for a client to receive services that is chic, clean, properly ventilated and beautifully showcased.

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