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New ISBN Affiliate Member NFUSION considers itself a zebra among horses

With NFUSION, salons and stylists earn more money

“NFUSION is about helping salons and stylists earn more money by giving them a point-of-difference, as opposed to selling them products and tools,” explains Dayne Sieling, CEO.

“We offer all-around 360-degree support to our customers,” adds Mark Glesne, director of marketing and digital, who teams with Claudia Cea, director of education and training, to develop a customized marketing, sales and education strategy for every customer. “We do whatever it takes to help the salon owner and hairdresser earn more money, because they have more competition than ever before.”

The 25-year-old company based in Calabasas, CA, offers a one-stop shop for multi-unit salons and spas that want to tap into the company’s technology to create their own brands. From initial concept to credit card, NFUSION offers a turnkey approach that covers product development, education, sales and marketing. Finally, NFUSION serves ISBN members directly and provides distributor margins.

Here’s how it all works.

First, NFUSION has created a series of treatments the NFUSION Color Seal Booster, the NFUSION Conditioning Booster and the NFUSION Volumizing Booster—that allow you to give your clients an experience above and beyond what they imagined, while your stylists earn more money for their time and talent. Each treatment infuses a special booster into the hair, using the unique NFUSION Straightening Treatment Iron. For each Booster, add at least $10.00—and no extra time—to every service.

Second, game-changing technology brings the professional’s passion, creativity and artistry to life, creating new revenue opportunities.

“Marketing hair tools can get lost in features and benefits,” explains Glesne. “But imagine a company whose core belief is that no matter what, the end result that comes from the use of any of our hair appliances is directly connected to the passion, creativity and artistry of the professionals using the hair tool. That belief has led to our core philosophy: ‘Your talent, our technology.’”

Third, the company has a quarter of a century of experience in creating private-label programs in skin care, cosmetics, hair treatments and tools. A one-stop shop for your next brand, NFUSION offers a totally turnkey approach, creating everything from formulas to packaging to educational videos and marketing programs in house.

“We are a great partner for ISBN members who are looking to offer an exclusive hairdresser-only brand,” says Sieling. “We can package our technology under your label. Then, we support that brand with education and training from Claudia’s department, while Mark’s team of digital marketing experts shows you how to use digital and social marketing to leverage your assets.

“The bottom line is that if you have a concept, we can bring it alive and run it all the way to the credit card sale,” says Glesne. “That’s who we are and that’s who we can be for ISBN members.”

For more information, contact Mark Glesne, director of marketing, TOL, Inc, at 818-346-4261, ext. 1116, or Visit

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