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What 2015 Taught Us About Promotions

Everyone will have it’s ‘go-to’ promotion that always seems to work. The tried and true offer that is certain to keep a steady stream of people coming in your doors. And then, there’s other times that a genius idea turns into a not so genius idea. Or something that perhaps didn’t get as much buzz as you’d hoped. We asked three promotionally savvy members of ISBN to tell us what they did in 2015 that got them thinking.

The Little Book of Beauty

Debra Penzone, of Charles Penzone Salons, utilized a brand new twist on the typical Holiday promotion. They called it The Little Book Of Beauty which they designed specifically to drive salon business during the typically slower winter months.

‘The LBB was a gift with purchase with one of our 4 Holiday Experience Packages OR $190 worth of gift cards was purchased. The offers were selected to introduce our mid-higher service menu items to introduce guests to the more elevated services.’

Gift Cards, Vouchers and ‘Two-fers’

Hairzoo Salons used a similar twist on the classic Holiday season tactic of gift cards, vouchers, and ‘twofers’. Gary Reed, President at Hairzoo Salons, wanted to focus on building loyalty and customer education ways by encouraging multiple interactions. ‘We offer a buy $100 GC get $25 GC free. We have guests who buy these for family and friends but also for themselves. Some guests buy so many that the rest of the year they are paying for their services with gift cards. This is dedicated loyalty.’

Hairzoo also offered an aggressive 20% discount on their home products and salon tools. The salon spent a lot of time and equity into educating their clientele on the benefits of the products and sold them as a way to save money long-term. ‘By educating and recommending the guest on the specific take home product and tools based on their needs we were able to provide a nice savings. These two promotions worked very well as they mirrored the holiday spirit.’

Promote Internally

Hello Gorgeous Salons are real trend leaders when it comes to their promotional efforts. We asked why they seem to knock it out of the park every time. Tony Fiorentino, owner of Hello Gorgeous Salons and his message was simple: ‘Get your staff vested in promoting on social media through contest & incentives.’

Fiorentino makes sure that his promotional system is based around Facebook by holding regular marketing meetings every week. These meetings ensure that all his managers in each location know what the promotions are and that everyone is on the same page.

He even makes sure that his staff are up on the very latest deals by making a staff only Facebook group to ensure everyone is clued in – because when it comes to special offers, the customers will always be looking for a saving.

On the Facebook group, Fiorentino said ‘It’s been wonderful. Now, managers and stylists are in the loop as soon as we design a new promotion. Our stylists love to be ahead of the curve and be the first to tell their clients about value-added services.’

What was your biggest promotional success/failure?

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