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Recycled Fashion: A trend for Beauty?

The concept of recycled fashion has been making waves in fashion and beauty industry, however many people are still unaware that 95% of used garments could be reworn, recycled or even ‘upcycled.’

To raise awareness, many brands such as H&M have kicked of campaigns to encourage customers to take action against textile waste and create a more sustainable fashion industry. As a part of the H&M campaign, customers can now return used items via their Garment Collecting Service; the proceeds of which will fund social projects and further research into fashion recycling processes.

Other brands such as Patagonia are also recognizing their environmental responsibility and educating consumers with their ‘Worn Wear’ program – which promotes methods such as garment repair to make their clothes last much longer. Then, once a garment is completely used, Patagonia will take it back and recycle it to make a new fabric.

The beauty of programs such as this is that it does make an impact on the environment, but it also goes a long way in engaging clients in your brand ethos and luring them into the store to donate the old and entice them with the new. So with recycled fashion on the rise, what about recycled beauty? What can your business do to play a part?

The easiest way to get involved is to first brainstorm how your company can get involved in the recycle/exchange program. Take inspiration from companies such as MAC, which offers the ‘back to MAC’ program to encourage recycling. For every 6 plastic containers a MAC customer returns to the counter, they receive a free lipstick in return.

Aside from complete empties, look at ways to get users to bring in unused products for swap out or even give promotions for partially used products that they can bring in and purchase some of yours at a special price. You can then ethically dispose of the old beauty product while getting their retail business.

If this is really important to your brand, some beauty companies are even moving toward biodegradeable packaging. Some even have compostable or pressed seeds in the package that can be planted in the garden! Depending on how deep into the green you want to go, the proof is definitely out that going green attracts the green.

Are you actively recycling or reusing your products at the moment? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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