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Closure Mandate Information

For those groups that cross state lines, it’s harder than ever to keep track of what, where and when at the head office. This report, provided by the team at Great Clips, gives state-by-state information on salon closure dates, mandated closure end dates, any new sanitation requirements, links to the latest mandates, essential business lists and previous mandates (which may become important if multiple, separate mandates are given in one state that impact salons).

You can access the report here. The link is set-up so anyone who has the link can view, but not edit the information. The link can be accessed anytime and includes a “date of last change” column, so it’s clear when specific state information was last updated.

A few things noted by the generous team at Great Clips:

  • If there is no End Date listed, it means the mandate is currently open-ended.
  • This will be thoroughly updated 3x/week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • There is a Notes column. This column is to make certain clarifications about mandates/salon closures. For example, Alaska and Georgia do not allow us to link directly to a specific mandate, instead only allowing us to link to a page where all mandates are listed. The Notes field indicates which mandate specifies the relevant information, so you can find it more easily. In other states, such as Idaho, amendments are made to the initial order without issuing a new one, so we have indicated that in the Notes field. Some states FAQ pages are helpful to understanding the order, so we included them in the Notes field.

Please share with others in your organization if it will help them in managing this incredibly dynamic situation.

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