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What matters most to the people who work for you today and the ones you want to work for you tomorrow? You may think you know, but do your instincts align with the data and future-pointing trends?

New and recent research from a number of ISBN sources–partners, sponsors and Conference speakers–will be featured in the upcoming Q2 MUSE DATE REPORT on “Talent: Recruitment and Retention Facts, Stats and Insights.” The topic also complements and leads into the “Shaping Your Modern Tribe” conversation and info exchange that will happen at ISBN Conference May 3-5 at Hotel del Coronado in San Diego.

Here’s a sneak preview of a few data insights from two of ISBN’s collaborators:

Consultant, educator and salon owner/entrepreneur Stefanie Jackson is leading a breakout session at Conference focused on Talent Retention and Management. Just this month, in March 2020, as part of her TalentMatch business, she fielded a major new research project on beauty career needs and expectations, with students from more than 23 cosmetology schools across the country committed to participate.
A previous “Cosmetology Student Work Preference Survey” from TalentMatch featured results from:

  • more than 1,300 students with graduation dates of 2018 and 2019
  • eight schools balanced geographically across the U.S.
  • respondents split 60/40 between Gen Z and Millennials

Results from that survey along with Jackson’s insights and analysis will be featured in the Q2 MUSE Data Report. She says one of the key findings may have some ISBN members making over their recruitment and job posting platforms or tweaking their social media messaging.

When we asked students where they look for a job in the professional beauty industry, the number one answer (28%) was through their own school’s career fairs or presentations,” Jackson reports. “But this is followed closely by Instagram, at 26%.”

Jackson says it is no surprise that today’s students and future professionals are doing research on social media to evaluate if they would want to work at a salon, spa or barber business, but she is concerned many owners and managers may underestimate the impact those digital first impressions make on students’ decisions and how much emphasis they place on how they see the salon’s “culture” represented online.

Another possible disconnect between management and employee perspectives pops up in the preliminary results from the latest collaborative BeautyPulse survey from SALON TODAY and ISBN.

When salon owners and managers were asked how their employees would rank in importance three areas–Wages/Commission, Benefits and Schedule Freedom–55% of owners/managers said Wages/Commission would be ranked first, followed by 39% saying their employees would prioritize Schedule Freedom.

But when salon professionals were asked to prioritize the same three components for themselves, the number one response from salon, spa or barber employees was Schedule Freedom, with 58% ranking it number 1.

Learn more about the TalentMatch and Beauty Pulse survey results, along with features on other areas related to Talent Recruitment and Retention, including culture and salon sustainability, in the upcoming MUSE Data Report.

Meet Stefanie Jackson ( and attend her breakout session at Conference. Salon Today Editor Stacey Soble ( will also be presenting and sharing perspectives and interviewing ISBN members on talent, data and more at Conference.

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