Keeping it REAL estate

At Birds Barbershop, our mantra is to offer high quality at an affordable cost. We do that by seeking out real estate bargains, so we can push savings onto the customer. Without that balance, our model doesn’t work. And like many small operators who open one store at a time …


The Real Thing

The resurgence of men’s barbering has fathered a huge variety of new brands across the country, each vying for standout over their competitors. But there is still one thing many have in common – a link to the past, a nod to traditional men’s barbering with wet shaves and sharp …

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Finding Your Brand in the Detail

When your aim is to recreate something reminiscent of childhood, you have to get it right. It can’t just be a shadow of what passes for authenticity; a false version of reality. Patrons would feel cheated. Every detail must be considered, every service perfected so patrons recognize that it is …