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  • Diving into a complete brand refresh

    Diving into a complete brand refresh

    When we switched from our small, boutique ad agency to a larger, multi-layered operation, one of the first projects was an overhaul of our brand. Our 100-salon group had been through upgrades previously, but this was to be a radical refresh. And it came with a huge price tag – 25 per cent of our […]

  • #Givingismystyle
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    Hairdressing has always gone hand in hand with support for charitable causes. And that’s no surprise– hairdressers are professional communicators. They have to be good at listening to people, which makes them very empathetic. And they like to make people look and feel better. In short, hairdressers are connected to their clients and the community, […]

  • Finding Your Brand in the Detail
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    Finding Your Brand in the Detail

    When your aim is to recreate something reminiscent of childhood, you have to get it right. It can’t just be a shadow of what passes for authenticity; a false version of reality. Patrons would feel cheated. Every detail must be considered, every service perfected so patrons recognize that it is the real deal the minute […]