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  • Access is EVERYTHING!

    Access is EVERYTHING!

    Attend the ISBN Conference to get the inside edge JCPenney Salon Vice President Rachel Jud says she was so determined to attend ISBN’s annual Conference early in her career, she basically talked her way in, and has been participating ever since. Find out what happened next, and why access is such an important, valuable and […]

  • Leadership vs. Management

    Leadership vs. Management

    You’ve heard the term, but it’s an important differentiation between ‘manager’ and ‘leader.’ The new employee much prefers to be led rather than managed as well, so the separation of concepts can make the difference between constantly hiring and solid employee retention. [em]How do you cultivate leaders in your organization?[/em] Infograph by Acrasio.com – Click […]

  • Benefits of a Swinging Door
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    Benefits of a Swinging Door

    Many employers in the salon industry are finding value in developing a “swinging door.”  What is it?  The strategy or belief that if employees leave and return, it can create a positive experience for both the employee and the salon! Our industry has an incredible range of opportunities for cosmetologists/barbers. Let’s embrace that. We want to keep […]