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  • Taking Our Training Online

    Taking Our Training Online

    The development and launch in early 2017 of a Ratner in-house app gave us the perfect vehicle to roll out online education to the devices on which the majority of our associates were most active – their smartphones. It became clear to the organization some years ago that Millennials and their little brothers and sisters, […]

  • Communication Across a Huge Group

    Communication Across a Huge Group

    The challenge of winning the hearts and minds of thousands of employees over multiple locations can often seem insurmountable, even with the aid of technology and social media. But, with everyone carrying their own portable communication device in their pocket, it has become a little easier in recent years to talk directly to our teams […]

  • What Does Rebooking Mean to You?
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    What Does Rebooking Mean to You?

    When it comes to retention, the number one objective at K Charles is rebooking. More than guest loyalty or retail, rebooking is the go-to measurement to monitor business performance. When I was still behind the chair, my rebooking ran at 87-90 per cent. How did I manage such a high rebooking? Simple: confidence. If the […]