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  • Where do you get your BIG IDEAS?
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    Where do you get your BIG IDEAS?

    In the final hours of this year’s conference in Bonita Springs, a new concept was launched. Delegates streamed into the auditorium to be bombarded by BIG IDEAS – innovative concepts that had worked and had measurable impact for other members. It was like speed-dating but rather than cozying up on a dinner date, delegates got […]

  • Leveraging the Network Effect

    Leveraging the Network Effect

    Using social media for news and updates is a bit like hearing it through the grapevine. Your intended audience may believe only half of what they see and none of what they hear. But all those Millennials on our teams present a huge opportunity to market our brands. Totaling up the hundreds or thousands of […]

  • The Modern Grapevine

    The Modern Grapevine

    The advent of the internet, then social media, has forged an intelligent beauty consumer—one who is on top of the latest trends, who researches product ingredients herself, and who always has an eye out for a value-added service or product. For salons like Hello Gorgeous! with five locations in South Jersey, frequent promotions have been […]