Working Together to Secure Salon PPE

Securing an ongoing, quality supply of personal protection equipment (PPE) at the best value is a new and ongoing concern for salon leaders. For ISBN members, the scale of salon PPE need is multiplied and finding trusted sources is an important priority. Harlan Kirschner, C.E.O. of The Kirschner Group, Inc., …


Grabbing the Controls of Distribution

Establishing a distribution center almost from the outset in 1989 to supply our Canada-based GS Beauty Group salons was a no-brainer. In those days the company consisted of 15 stores in the Toronto area, a head office and a 1,200sq ft warehouse with four employees and a minivan for deliveries. …

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Where do you get your BIG IDEAS?

In the final hours of this year’s conference in Bonita Springs, a new concept was launched. Delegates streamed into the auditorium to be bombarded by BIG IDEAS – innovative concepts that had worked and had measurable impact for other members. It was like speed-dating but rather than cozying up on …


Thinking Innovatively is More Than New Ideas

Chicagoans, and many from further afield, have been flocking to Mario Tricoci for more than 40 years. You’d think we were pretty confident we know enough about hair and beauty to be able to sit back and relax. But we aren’t and we don’t. Instead we constantly look for ways …


Is it getting harder to please customers?

Let’s put aside everything on your marketing ‘must-do’ list for a moment and talk about the foundation of any strong, thriving business – the customer relationship. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your pictures are on Instagram or how catchy your posts are on Facebook if your clients aren’t …