Distribution solutions prove as diverse as ISBN membership

E-commerce has changed much in the beauty industry, including how salons, spas and barbershops manage distribution. For many businesses, the logistics of supply also extends to consumer deliveries as well as to their locations, bringing with it the promise of increased margins but also the increased burden of organization. ISBN …


The Real Thing

The resurgence of men’s barbering has fathered a huge variety of new brands across the country, each vying for standout over their competitors. But there is still one thing many have in common – a link to the past, a nod to traditional men’s barbering with wet shaves and sharp …

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3 Ways to Use Reverse Psychology in Salon Sales

There’s an old adage in the sales business that goes something along the lines of ‘if you can convince a surly kid to do something they don’t wanna do with a smile on their face, you’re already a better salesmen than half of Madison Avenue’. As a parent of a …