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  • Taking Our Training Online

    Taking Our Training Online

    The development and launch in early 2017 of a Ratner in-house app gave us the perfect vehicle to roll out online education to the devices on which the majority of our associates were most active – their smartphones. It became clear to the organization some years ago that Millennials and their little brothers and sisters, […]

  • Defending Non-Compete Contracts

    Defending Non-Compete Contracts

    The impact of having a successful stylist or therapist abruptly announce her departure for greener pastures can be catastrophic. In the best-case scenario, there is suddenly a gaping hole in the team and clients are queuing up for services; worst case, she takes her clients and even tempts others on the team to join her. […]

  • Measuring Performance

    Measuring Performance

    The wild card in the beauty industry has always been the human element. It is the biggest hurdle to expanding from a few salons to hundreds. One off-the-cuff remark to a client or a bad choice by a mediocre manager and the business could face a huge setback, with any opportunity to grow put on […]

  • Communication Across a Huge Group

    Communication Across a Huge Group

    The challenge of winning the hearts and minds of thousands of employees over multiple locations can often seem insurmountable, even with the aid of technology and social media. But, with everyone carrying their own portable communication device in their pocket, it has become a little easier in recent years to talk directly to our teams […]

  • Giving Stylists the Business Perspective

    Giving Stylists the Business Perspective

    Delivering a superb service can’t all be about the technical. It’s important, but so, too, are those other skills that enable a service provider to sell products to clients, convince them of the benefits of additional services and make sure they don’t leave without booking their next appointment. These are the skills that will boost […]

  • 3 Ways to Use Reverse Psychology in Salon Sales
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    3 Ways to Use Reverse Psychology in Salon Sales

    There’s an old adage in the sales business that goes something along the lines of ‘if you can convince a surly kid to do something they don’t wanna do with a smile on their face, you’re already a better salesmen than half of Madison Avenue’. As a parent of a soon-to-be two year old, I […]

  • Finding Your Brand in the Detail
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    Finding Your Brand in the Detail

    When your aim is to recreate something reminiscent of childhood, you have to get it right. It can’t just be a shadow of what passes for authenticity; a false version of reality. Patrons would feel cheated. Every detail must be considered, every service perfected so patrons recognize that it is the real deal the minute […]

  • Is it getting harder to please customers?

    Is it getting harder to please customers?

    Let’s put aside everything on your marketing ‘must-do’ list for a moment and talk about the foundation of any strong, thriving business – the customer relationship. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your pictures are on Instagram or how catchy your posts are on Facebook if your clients aren’t raving fans when they walk […]