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The Key to Successful Marketing

You’d find it hard when chatting with people in Canada to find anyone who doesn’t know the country’s biggest hair group, Chatters. In the past 27 years it has grown from one salon to over 100 and stretches from the Atlantic across to the Pacific. Its success can be sourced back to its dynamic management team lead by Jason Volk who has focused on tight management practice, ongoing team development and strong marketing program. That program is led by Doreen Belliveau who has shared some of her thoughts on brainstorming a marketing campaign.

How do you come up with your idea at the start?

Idea generation really comes from several drivers. Start out with your goal. What do you wish to achieve? Is it general brand awareness or driving sales? Are you trying to enhance the visibility and trial of a certain product line? Are you looking to bring awareness to a new location or a specific hairstylist? Start with a list of questions and you’ll soon be at your starting point with a set of steps for what to do next.

Which channels do you use and how do you decide?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great vehicles to use to promote a brand in general. Promoting an event or incentive option can also do very well shared via online advertising such as high profile ads on online newspapers. Leader board or big box ads are common online ads and can be static images or animated files that draw the viewer in and create interest while supporting the call to action.

How do you make sure you reach as many people as possible?

It’s not realistic to use one medium and expect it to reach the entire demographic or potential customer base. Know your media and utilize each one to effectively reach out accordingly. A good combination of print, online, social media and website is still a good option to support a general marketing campaign. Print can be many other options OTHER than traditional newspapers: handouts, coupons, posters etc. Promoting your campaign in print will always be the most formal of your communications requirement. You can be more informal/casual on social media.

How do you measure the success of any campaign?

Campaign success can be measured in many ways. If it was a time limited offer, did you experience a lift in sales during the promotional or campaign period? If it was a product or service specific offer, did you see more demand for those during the campaign period? If it was an event with any of the above, what kind of store traffic did you see during this time?

About Doreen Belliveau
Doreen Belliveau has been involved in various aspects of the Chatters marketing and communications arena, dealing with Franchise communications, recruitment, promotions and special events as well and charitable and fundraising events.

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