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5 Ways to Boost Team Morale

Effective leaders offer their team more than the occasional pat on the back or money in their pocket. They share a mutual respect with their team members; they set clear, achievable goals, get in the trenches with them when they need to and offer their team members experiences and development they may not otherwise be exposed to.

Get down and dirty

Be the best example you can be to your team. Sweeping up hair, washing out color bowls or restocking the shelves shows your team you are with them 100%. Communicating to them your own targets and meeting them along with everyone else will show you aren’t just the leader, but also an indispensable part of the team.

Never stop learning

Ongoing education is at the heart of the success of this industry . It can come in all sizes, forms and cost: from in salon, to shows and events to checking out a local museum or exhibit, to a digital experience. Education can further their technical skills, give them a kick of inspiration they’ve been in need of, offer up a new technique for an add on service or just break up their usual routine. They will come back fired up with a renewed passion for what they do, contagious excitement and will be , ready to share with the rest of the team. If you can experience as a team….even better. But make it a priority.

Show they are important

A salon that rests on its laurels is doomed to shrivel and die, so you need to keep coming up with innovations. Yes, it can be hard work, but getting your team involved not only opens the floodgate of ideas, it also gives them ownership. They will blossom if they feel they are respected and important to the business.

Know your why

If you’re clear on why it is that you get out of bed in the morning and stand behind your chair, it will be far easier to rally your team. It can’t be about the vacation you want to take or the car you hope to buy. What happens after that and what’s in it for them?! Understanding your individual purpose and purpose as a team and what you want to stand for and be a part of changes everything. When the “why” is clear, the how is easy.

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