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Video Marketing Strategies to Try Right Now

Video is amplifying marketing efforts across all different mediums – social media engagement, email open rates and website traffic to name a few. The fact, a research study conducted by Invodo predicts that by next year (2017), 74 percent of all Internet traffic will be video related. That’s the biggest news in marketing since we discovered most web browsing traffic was done on mobile phones. We’re pretty sure these two mindshifts are related…

Strategy #1 – Service Videos on Website

If video experts are expecting 3/4 of all web traffic to be video, it’s pretty guaranteed that it will impact the search rankings for your website. As in, guar-an-teed it will impact search rankings. Start updating your website using videos to tell the story of your services rather than tables that resemble your service menu. Start by adding videos to your key service pages and expand from there.

Strategy #2 – Campaign Videos

Running a special campaign for the holidays? Tell the story in video to get the best engagement. Emphasis on the word ‘story’ as this experience-driven consumer is all about how your brand relates to their story. Video is much more relatable than text, so your chance of hooking an entry or enticing a newbie to try your promotional campaign is higher if you can enter their storyline with a video.

Plus, those under 40 (ahem, millennials) are more likely to share a video than any other form of media so it boosts your virality as well.

Strategy #3 – Raw Video

We’ve all heard it, but maybe not subscribed to it, but raw, street-style video is more authentic and credible than your polished, commercial. People are disenchanted with the traditional model of commercial advertising, so jump onboard and save some budget as well. Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live Stream are perfect examples of how this trend is picking up steam and smart companies are adapting their strategies to incorporate it.

Strategy #4 – People over Offerings

The moment you make a product or a service the center point of your marketing is the moment the consumer realizes you are trying to sell them something. Focus on the people in your business to get the most out of your video and ultimately sculpt a video strategy that delivers useful, relevant and topical information that your clients want. Do they care that you just installed eco-friendly showerheads? Maybe. But they definitely care about how to achieve a 2 minute blow dry with a toddler hanging off their leg. And so do their friends.

BONUS IDEA: Titles for Social Videos

We are all guilty of scrolling through social media when we’re not meant to be – conference calls, board meetings, etc. Studies have shown that people will stop and watch a video on their newsfeed if they can watch sans audio. Anything purposed for social media, ask your videographer to include titles to the dialogue.

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