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Welcome New ISBN Affiliate Member, Group 3 Marketing

ISBN has expanded its Affiliate Membership program to make it easier for companies to provide a variety of important services to our salon and spa members. We’d like to welcome Group 3 Marketing (G3M) to that roster.

Many of our members know Bart Foreman. His Group 3 Marketing is a digital marketing agency that works with all segments of the beauty industry to provide cost-effective, dynamic marketing solutions using salons’ POS data to get the right message to the right guest through the right channel at the right time. It focuses on every salon’s current guests, the ones who pay the bills and keep the doors open.

“ISBN salon members represent an important segment of the industry that has unique marketing challenges,” explains Foreman. “With so many salons challenged to improve retention of current guests and find ways to grow their average transactions, we deliver marketing solutions that directly influence members’ business growth every day through the G3M CONNECTPlus™ data-driven digital marketing system.”

The greatest benefit ISBN members receive from G3M is the opportunity to do business in a new way, recognizing that something is happening in member salons every day. A new guest comes in, a regular guest does not return and too many guests are not taking advantage of multiple services. The CONNECTPlus system provides a turnkey automated system to stay connected with all guests when it is most critical to influence the next sale.

G3M has been in business for 28 years and has continuously delivered customer-centric marketing programs for specialty retailers and salons/spas, all designed to strengthen guest retention and increase average transactions.

Reach Bart Foreman, president, at or 952-475-3269 and see him at ISBN’s 2016 Conference. Visit

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